Ayurved Sutra : Money Desires CORRUPTION

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SKU: Ayurved Sutra : Volume 06 Issue 10


Ayurved Sutra : Volume 06 Issue 10

Ayurved Sutra : Money Desires CORRUPTION

Cover Story

# Money, Desires, Corruption – Ayourvedic Text and Ethical evaluation

– Why sometimes, People don’t perceive corruption as a crime?

– Corruption only masks insecurities

– Unethical behavior and Cognitive Psychology

– Corruption of the citizenry… The corrosion of the civic virtues

– Some People’s Brains are hard… Wired for Bribery?

– Tamas is the nature of the Earth

– We Know Deep Within

# Corruption is an Inevitability in this social structure of ours

# Cruel Rajasik and Immoral Tamasik

# Balance is the Key

$ The Triguna energy Quotient


Mandala –

# Interactions : Living in a Group


Soul Spa

# If the cause is real the pleasure would be real The Study and Practice of Yoga


Body Spa

# Total Health is not about Physical Fitness Alone


WordSpa : reduce Desires

AyurPic Let’s Learn Science of Life


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