Ayurved Sutra : JOY

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SKU: Ayurved Sutra : Volume 04 Issue 12


Ayurved Sutra : Volume 04 Issue 12

Ayurved Sutra : JOY


On the Cover –

# Mind with the Spirit : It has been an Irrefutable fact in Ayurveda that mind has a profound effect on the physical body, the spiritual experience, and the overall quality of life.

# Meditate even when you’re Happy

# Sat, Chit, Ananda : Sat is truth or existence, Chit is Consciousness and Ananda is Bliss, Joy, eternal joy. Divine bliss is permanent. The worldly happiness is fleeting but Divine bliss or joy is permanent. We seek joy and pleasure in earthly things, called small joys; when we taste divine bliss, the joy of earthly things became Insipid, tasteless.

# Wealth does not really bring Happiness : Money doesn’t buy happiness. Following is a short story emphasizing that happiness is not related to wealth.

# Joy is not your cars or Bank Balance : After being born in this world it’s apparent that we have to go through all; happiness and sadness, love and hate, pain and pleasure, honor and humiliation, hope and frustration, success and failure, gains and losses, union and separations and finally death.

Happiness box –

# Cross National Happiness : A poor Country and a Rich Idea

# Tips to gain Happiness at Workplace

# Success & Happiness

# Eat for Health and Happiness

# Inspiring Story of a Young Couple

# Some Open Secrets

# How Happy are you?

# Control your Happiness

SoulSpa –

# Yoga Meditation : Learn the Skill not just Techniques… Allow the seven skills to work together, like fingers on hand.


BodySpa –

# Nidana : Examining a Patient is not Target Practice – A Patient is not an Object for Target Practice

MindSpa –

# Updesha : Ultimate Source of a Happy Life

Mandala –

# Research Paper : Bengal Traditional Practices on Danta Roga (Dental Disorders)

# Report : Medical Tourism will Accelerate the Growth of Kerala

# Report : Kerala Tourism Awarded Six National Tourism Awards

# Impact Feature : Shastrokt Ayurveda – A Science way of Life by Dr. Yuvraj Monga & Dr. Jyoti Monga

# Newsletter

# WordSpa

# Ayur Pic : Let’s Learn Science of Life