Ayurved Sutra : Child Care In Ayurveda

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SKU: Ayurved Sutra : Volume 04 Issue 04


Ayurved Sutra : Volume 04 Issue 04

Ayurved Sutra : Child Care In Ayurveda


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# Be a Good Parent – Soul Spa : It is very difficult for me to talk about parenting. I have no experience. But I can give3 you some ideas through observation. You have to put this into your experience and see. If You are very orderly, children will make you chaotic. Children are best to break your boundaries.

# Child Health Care: Immunisation

# Abhyanga & Neonatal Massage

# Childhood Obesity – Obesity or Sthaulya is the most common nutritional disorder in the present era. Childhood obesity is also on rise. An estimated 22 million Children under five and 170 million children (aged < 18 years) are estimated to be overweight worldwide.

# Ayurvedic Treatment for Autism – Autism being a psychosomatic disorder with energetic disturbances, multi-dimensional assessment and treatment programs are needed for lasting relief from the symptoms

# Genetic test for Autism

# The efficacy of Trans-Dermal Ayurvedic Panch Karma procedures

Mandala –

# Review : Effective of Ayurvedic intervention in the Management of Chronic Tonsillitis

# Recipes : Treating your kids taste buds

# Interaction : Fish Feel Pain by Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

# Blog : Getting Babies to sleep – Yoga and Ayurvedic Solutions.