Ayurved Sutra : Beat the Heat

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SKU: Ayurved Sutra : Volume 04 Issue 06


Ayurved Sutra : Volume 04 Issue 06

Beat the Heat : Ayurvedic Tips to Keep you cool


On the Cover –

# Tips to keep you Cool : Scared of summer heat, skin eruptions, sweet and thirst? Overcome all summer problems with these cool solutions offered by Ayurveda. Get acquainted with the wisdom of ancient stages and beat the summer heat before it beats you.

# Beat the Heat : Summer is the season of Vata and Pitta. Heat abounds and we must help our bodies cope with the warmer weather. The sun takes away the strength of the people and the cooling qualities of the earth. It is the debilitating period

# Protect yourself from the Sun

# Fishy Smell?

# Coconut water as ideal natural drink

# Health benefits of Coconut water

# Musk Melon

# Recipes for Summer : Barley Sherbet, Gulkand Thandai, Watermelon Shake

# Supper Healthy Smoothies : Banana Ginger Smoothie, Orange Dream Creamsicle, Gajar ki Kanji, Bel Ka Sharbat

Wellness Bloggers Meet, Edition II –

# Kairali : A Wellness Village with a Difference

Mandala –

# Blog : Can drinking more water make your Kid smarter?

# Research : Fight off Shira Shoola the Ayurvedic way

# Research : Bengal Traditional Practices on Cardiovascular disorders

# Books : Is Stress a Friend of a Foe?

# Books : Patanjali’s Analysis of the Modifications of the Mind

# Interactions : Luxury Effect