Ayurved Sutra : Ayush Education Special

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SKU: Ayurved Sutra : Volume 05 Issue 08


Ayurved Sutra : Volume 05 Issue 08

Ayurved Sutra : Ayush Education Special


On the Cover –

# Improving Ayurvedic Education in India : Ayurveda has its own pedagogy, which has laid down certain principles and methods for teaching Ayurveda. Slokas, Chapters and Sthanas are all inter-connected

# Homoeopathy Education in India and Challenges : To live a healthy life in harmony with nature and with our inner needs is the biggest challenge facing each individual in the modern world. In order to adapt to society’s requirements for successful living at each stage of life requires enormous expenditures of energy, time, money and personal freedom.

# True Saviours of life : Qualities of Vaidyacharya

# Need to Upgrade PG Education with Strict Rules

# Requirements of Minimum Standard

# Improving the Quality of Education in Ayush Sector

# Understanding the Parameters for Improvements in AYUSH System

# The Dark Side of the Homoeopathic Education, Training and Research

# Naturopathy Education in India : Conditions, Reforms and Recommendations

# Need to re-form Education in Unani Medicine

Benchmarks in the Training of Ayurveda Students

Mandala –

# Impact Features : A wakeup Call

# Interview : Explore Multi-dimensions of Yoga to Extract Maximum Benefits